CAHAW is a free inspirational network with the purpose to help people and organizations Create A HAppy Workplace. We are based in Dubai and everyone are welcome to join.




The CAHAW network concept aims to reach HR professionals and top management at companies based in Dubai. Leaders and managers, who wish to improve and develop theworkplace environment in their company – mentally and physically. 



The aim is to share recent research, trends, own experiences and thoughts on the topics at hand. All in all, it will bring something to the group/event and everyone will benefit from being part of the group and participate in the events. In other words: the more you give the more you get.

CAHAW is a winning network, which can give inspiration and motivation to ambitious HR directors, CEO’s and GMs and others who focus on creating a happy and high performing workplaces.

We want to bring ideas, experiences and maybe a few provocations, which will stimulate all senses and inspire the participants to look at their work environment in a new light and motivate them to develop their workplace further.

We see happiness at work as essential for the company to recruit, retain and motivate top performing employees. We see happiness at work as a balance between physical environment and the mental culture in the company. Both support each other. Both must be present to get the results you want.

We wish to facilitate the network participants to exchange experiences and get new ideas and inspiration on how to exploit the full potential of the employees in their companies.

Meet the two founders below.

The founders



1GATE llc

  • Office stylist
  • Interior designer (commercial spaces)
  • HOLMRISB8 representative in UAE
  • Creator of Hygge@work
  • Workplace performance enhancer
  • Inspirational speaker



intenz fze

  • Management consultant
  • Motivational speaker and creator of passion, performance and results
  • Skilled in Marketing Management, Negotiation, Business Planning, HR Consulting, and Coaching.


We wish to inspire and share and we hope participants in our network will share their experiences and thoughts with us and other participants. This way we can all learn and grow!


Office 2406, JBC 3, Cluster Y, JLT, Dubai 
Ege Carpet and HOLMRISB8 showroom



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